Potential Mass Shooting Stopped in Arizona by Concealed Carrier

Whenever the topic of concealed carry comes up in regards to active shooters, we hear a lot of snide comments come up. Tragedy after tragedy, we hear “where was this fabled good guy with a gun?” It’s a fair question to ask, if you’re ready to hear the answer. The answer is that enough people just don’t carry to make it statistically likely that they’re in the same place as an active shooter — this would change if more people carry. As we’ll see with this Arizona incident, even when potential mass shootings are stopped, we just don’t hear about it. These kinds of stories don’t lead the media. Nobody spends months obsessing over a shooting that was stopped earlier with nobody wounded. Fortunately, gun rights supporters have noticed this and have taken the dissemination of knowledge into their own hands.

Today we’d like to thank an unnamed gun owner who stopped an armed rifleman who had opened fire at a party.

The 27 year old male was at the party and reportedly asked to leave, so he did so. He returned later with his rifle, first firing shots into the air before pointing his rifle at crowd members. It was at this point that a 39 year old man legally carrying a concealed weapon drew it and fired at the shooter. The shooter was stopped before doing any damage and is currently in the hospital with what could be life threatening injuries.

Fortunately, the peoples’ rights are well recognized in Arizona, and it is legal to carry a handgun without a license. The armed citizen assessed a threat and acted quickly to ensure the safety of everybody there.

More often than not, guns do save lives.


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