Oregon School Board Votes to Remove Gun Ban

A school board in St. Helens, Oregon has voted to rescind rules that previously prohibited teachers with concealed carry licenses to bring firearms to the school. 

The schoolboard chairman Marshall Porter stated “The current law in Oregon allows for anybody to concealed carry on school grounds. To exclude our staff seems like they’re being punished. They should have a right to protect themselves if they so choose.”

The vote affected 7 schools in the district. The final vote was a nearly unanimous 4-1. Porter has stated that the vote was far less controversial than the vote to bring school sports back to one of the middle schools in the district. 

Overall, parents have expressed much more support than opposition for the vote. “I’ve had more parents email me saying that they approve of our decision than not,” says Porter. Since the vote, only one person has e-mailed Porter to express dissatisfaction, while they have received multiple messages expressing support. 

Good Job St. Helens schoolboard for doing your part to eradicate the foolishness of gun-free zones, or as mass shooters see them, target rich environments. It’s not so easy when the targets shoot back. 


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