There’s a New 3D Printed Metal Gun — And It’s Got HuffPost in a Panic

Yes, we kept saying it was only going to be a matter of time and now it’s here. The world has its 3D printed 1911.

The gun, made by 3D printing shop Solid Concepts, is made with a process called direct metal laser sintering, or DMLS. The basic idea is forming materials by blasting powdered metal with lasers. The company stated that their purpose for creating the gun wasn’t to prove a cheaper, easier, or better way to create a firearm. Rather, they state that making a firearm with this technology would prove that materials created in this way are strong and accurate, producing tight tolerances that can stand up to high pressures. Image

The gun has fired over 50 shots with no issues and seems to be fairly accurate — the shooter in the video is centering shots around the 10 and X ring from a pretty good distance.

The team chose a 1911 for their proof of concept because the design is in the public domain. The company is doing this in a completely legal manner. Says the Vice President of Additive Manufacturing “… as far as we know, we’re the only 3D Printing Service Provider with a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Now, if a qualifying customer needs a unique gun part in five days, we can deliver.”

For now, the technology is far from ubiquitous. The machine to print it on costs $850,000, according to this dramatic end-of-civilization post by Huffington post. Of course, author Alexis Kleinman still notes “If you need me, I’ll be in my bunker.”

One can only hope that that circumstance might finally cut down the anti-gun propaganda coming out of the post.


2 responses to “There’s a New 3D Printed Metal Gun — And It’s Got HuffPost in a Panic

  1. I find it funny how the article says that you can produce any part on a 3D legally, except for the receiver…. yet it is perfectly legal to 3D print an AR-15 lower receiver, or even use an unregistered lower blank. So as long as you don’t sell, trade or give the weapon away.

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